The Best Content Marketing Blogs to Stalk in 2017

Content marketing is not a static industry; it is always evolving. That’s why at Headline Consultants, we often delve into the words (and worlds) of other content marketing blogs.

One of our resolutions this year is to help you better understand our industry, so we’ve decided to share with you our top five favorite inspirational content marketing blogs as blogs to stalk throughout 2017.

1. Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute is our go-to for the latest news and advice on bettering our business. The company’s blog is bursting with the best insight from C-level executives throughout the sphere of content and digital marketing, available for everyone to see.

2. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is an excellent source for all things blog-related. Blogging has become much bigger than the teenage banter it harbored in the early 2000s. It is now one of the most essential services every company with a website should be utilizing, and ProBlogger is loaded with nuggets of wisdom on how writers and companies can make the most out of every word.

Boasting of over a decade of creative content, ProBlogger provides an inside look at everything from managing your time to building your reader base.

3. HubSpot

When you’re looking for advice on tracking metrics, using relevant apps, and discovering new marketing materials, HubSpot is one of your best resources. From sales tips to marketing magic, you can’t go wrong by following this trendy blog.

4. Seth’s Blog

Seth Godin is the writer of 18 best sellers and a speaker on everything related to leadership, change, and marketing. His blog provides insight on the power of language and technology, including how to appeal to various types of personalities, in a highly amusing tongue-in-cheek tone.


Entrepreneur, writer, and speaker Jeff Bullas blogs regularly, aiming to educate and inspire others to better themselves and their businesses in the online world. His blog posts cover ideas like using social media apps to boost brand awareness, updates on popular search engine algorithms, and more to keep readers in the know about the ever evolving world of technology.

Reading is essential for the writer’s success. Regularly brushing up on our favorite content marketing blogs and other resources not only keeps us on top of the latest trends, it helps enhance our style. Stephen King says it best in my personal favorite, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft:

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”

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