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How to Efficiently Work with a Content Marketing Firm

If you’re in need of website content—product descriptions, blog posts, etc.—then you need to seek out and work with a content marketing firm that has your company’s best interests at heart.

But getting website content that converts takes more than just hiring a reputable content marketing company. It requires developing a solid relationship with the team.

Actively Communicate

Nearly any issue in a relationship can be traced back to poor communication. In order to build and maintain a healthy working relationship with a content marketing company, it’s best to assign one individual from your own company as the main point of contact unless the production process dictates otherwise.

Also, be sure to establish a specific method of communication that works best for each party. If you’re accustomed to communicating via email, tell the company. A good content marketing company will conform to your preferred method of communication to make you as comfortable as possible. When you work with a content marketing firm, the team should be willing to arrange regular meetings, whether they be conference calls or face-to-face interactions, to bring you up to speed on the latest developments of your project. Depending on the size and length of your project, these meetings could be held anywhere from weekly to quarterly.

Provide Constructive Feedback

The best results occur between two entities when they work closely with one another. When you work with a content marketing firm, the team needs to get a feel for your tone and better understand your industry. This requires regular communication and constructive criticism on the pieces the team produces for you.

Providing the content marketing team with examples of website copy will help them better understand your vision for the project, so they can create useful and attractive content for you from the start. Be sure to thoroughly review every piece of content they submit. If you’re not satisfied with a piece, let the team know all your concerns the first time around. The sooner they’re able to fix it to your liking, the more smoothly the project can run.

Stick to the Projected Timeline

No matter how hard you try to stay on target, life always gets in the way. Something always comes up. So, it’s understandable when a project drops a few notches on your priorities list. However, it’s important to remember that your project is a collaborative effort between your company and the content marketing firm. If you’re unable to provide information in a timely fashion, it will be particularly difficult for the content marketing team to maintain the initial projected completion date.

Growing your relationship with a vendor is essential for success in the business world. These three steps can not only be applied when you work with a content marketing firm, but when working with any vendor.

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