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Five Signs It’s Time to Hire a Content Marketer

Owning a business or even heading a department can be overwhelming. Developing and implementing a solid content strategy is a process that often gets little to no attention.

Don’t think you need to hire a content marketer to help boost your business? If you suffer from any of these signs, it’s time to think again.

1. You Don’t Have a Content Marketing Strategy

Your business has been treading water for some time. You’ve been searching for ways to improve your sales for months. One crucial element of business development is a well-thought-out content marketing strategy.

Maybe computers aren’t your thing. You may not even have a website. A professional content marketing firm can hook you up with exactly what your business needs. The team will provide you with the time and attention you deserve and develop a strategy tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

2. Your Metrics are Down

How do you measure the success of your digital footprint? Are you monitoring the right KPIs? Unless referring to your bounce rate, decreasing numbers are generally not a good thing. An experienced content marketer can help you recognize what statistics matter most and the average numbers for KPIs within your industry.

3. You’re Unfamiliar with the Ways of Content Marketing

Content marketing can be tricky. It’s more than just splashing words on a website, so it’s important to outsource to or hire a content marketer who fully understands the power of building a strong online presence. A professional content marketing team can add more to your business than the intern publishing the occasional blog post.

4. Your Team is Overwhelmed

It’s easy to get lost in the goings-on of your business. From administrative work to account management to customer service, your team’s got their hands full. Some employees even juggle responsibilities in multiple departments. Maybe no one on your team has the time or the experience to create and carry out the high scale content marketing strategy your company needs.

That’s when it’s time to hire a content marketer or content marketing firm. Content marketers spend their entire business day dedicated to ensuring the digital success of their clients, so their clients don’t have to worry about how to keep up with regular publishing and fluctuating metrics.

5. Content Marketers Come with Connections

The typical business world cliché, “It’s all about who you know,” has some truth behind it. When you hire a content marketer as a vendor, your business won’t just benefit from an effective content strategy, it may gain even more opportunities for growth. Well-established content marketers have seemingly countless connections in the digital marketing world and, depending on their array of clients, a plethora of contacts of other industries. Some contacts content marketers may have that could benefit your business include…

  • Web designers
  • Photographers
  • Business mentors
  • Advertising agencies
  • News reporters
  • Various nonprofit organizations

Hiring a content marketer or content marketing firm may be the best decision you make for your business this year. Don’t let your numbers fall behind. Learn more about how professional content marketers can help you succeed by contacting the Headline Consultants team.

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