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The 5 Deadly Sins of Content Farms

Content farms are like bug zappers. The amazing prices suck you in, like a beautiful beacon of hope, but then you’re left with one of the worst experiences of your life (and a very poor business decision).

The adage “you get what you pay for” rings true for countless industries, including content marketing. If you’re hunting for quality writers on content farms, you’re likely to struggle.

Poor Quality Content

Paying low prices for internet marketing usually means getting cheap quality work. We’re not saying to spend millions of dollars on content, but we don’t want you to receive first grade book report quality in place of the detailed, industry-specific content your business needs.

Years ago, Google ranked websites in search results based on how often a specific keyword appeared in the content, making it appear relevant to the user. Content farms are still pumping out keyword-stuffed pieces, but Google has refined and enhanced its algorithm to detect and reward better quality content and other advanced SEO techniques.

Although website content is meant to help drive sales, it should not sound like a desperate sales plea. This sort of tone is easy to throw together and deters prospects, devaluing the brand of the business. Website content is meant to educate visitors, boosting the company’s credibility and increasing sales.


Some writers on content farms are just in the business to make a quick buck. That includes copying content published elsewhere, giving quality content marketing companies a bad rap. Google penalizes websites with stolen content, which can mean website suspensions or removing those websites from Google search results altogether.

Clients shouldn’t need to worry over whether the content they receive is plagiarized. Outsourcing content development is meant to give clients with more time to focus on building their businesses.

Language Barriers

It’s not uncommon to struggle finding someone whose first language is English when trying to work with a content farm. A language barrier can not only make communication a challenge, it also poses a problem in the quality of the content produced.

Missing words, wrong verb tenses, and an excessive amount of misspelled words are just some indicators of the lack of familiarity a writer may have with your language.

Lack of Communication

No one will ever understand your industry as well as you do, but a good content marketing company will take the time to get to know your company and industry. Content farm writers will just whip a piece together and spit it out, no questions asked.

Once the project is completed, you’ll likely never hear from them again. Content farms run on the churn and burn philosophy—every project is a once-and-done deal. Any questions or concerns from the client get left in a neglected inbox.

Building positive, long-term relationships is crucial for any business to be successful on- and offline. Connecting with a good content marketing company can be a complete game changer.

Unanswered Prayers

Content farms not only deliver poor ROI, but they can actually cost your business money. The purpose of producing and publishing top quality website content is to drive more relevant traffic to the site, increasing your leads-to-sales conversion and improving your bottom line.

Don’t be another bug that falls prey to the death lamp. Use your wings to rise above the calls of cheap content and share your time with a company that truly has your best interest at heart, a company that ties its success to yours.

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