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Three Misconceptions About Website Content

Website content is highly misunderstood. It’s all too often underrated.

We’re here to set the record straight. Website content is gold. It is essential for internet success. Now, get these popular misconceptions out of your head!

1. Website Content is Just Words

Website content isn’t just words on a screen. It’s the images of the products or services you offer, the infographics that display the latest statistics applicable to your industry, the most recent video of your community service project. It’s going live on Facebook. It’s anything used to convey a message on the World Wide Web.

All of these aspects come together to create a killer website that blows your competitors away.

2. I Don’t Need It

Again, not true. If you want to succeed in today’s business world, you absolutely need to go digital. And you can’t just own an inactive webpage or a blank Facebook page—you need content to drive new leads and impress current clients.

Adding content regularly to your website helps it rank higher in Google search results, getting your business noticed and ultimately increasing your leads-to-sales conversion. Posting relevant content on Facebook and Twitter or tests of your latest products on Instagram helps you stay in front of your clients. And, if they see something particularly amusing, they just may share it with their friends, increasing your brand awareness and maybe even converting to sales!

In addition to increasing sales, content is used to draw in prospective employees. If you’re looking to expand your company’s specializations, you’ll want the latest talent. There’s no better way than to show prospects what it means to be a part of your team. Photos of your recent community outreach participation or a video of employees talking about what it means to be a member of your team can make all the difference in the quality of your applicants.

3. More Content is Better

Say it with me one more time…


In most cases, less is more. The goal of a website is to draw visitors in, spark their curiosity, and make them believe they need your services. You have mere seconds to make an impression on viewers, so don’t overwhelm them with 2,000-word posts or a plethora of videos splashed all over your homepage. Keep them curious. If they want more, they’ll go from being a visitor to a lead just by reaching out to you.

Skilled content writers take a minimalist approach when creating the pieces that appear on your website. They craft your content in such a way that it intrigues visitors and assists them in finding just what they’re looking for in as few words as feasible. Exceptional designers develop strategic layouts and eye-catching visuals that emulate your company culture without overpowering potential leads.

Working with a talented team of writers and digital design geniuses can lead to an impressive ROI and a secure future for your company, so why would you pass up the opportunity to enrich your website with exceptional website content?

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