Five Signs It’s Time to Hire a Content Marketer

Owning a business or even heading a department can be overwhelming. Developing and implementing a solid content strategy is a process that often gets little to no attention. Don’t think you need [...]

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Three Popular Misconceptions About Website Content

Website content is highly misunderstood. It’s all too often underrated. We’re here to set the record straight. Content is gold. It is essential for internet success. Now, get these popular [...]

How to Efficiently Work with a Content Marketing Firm

If you’re in need of website content—product descriptions, blog posts, etc.—then you need to seek out and work with a content marketing firm that has your company’s best interests at heart.

How to Know When You’ve Found a Good Content Marketing Company

Just as with any industry, there are good content marketers and bad content marketers—and then those who aren’t content marketers at all.

The 5 Deadly Sins of Content Farms

Content farms are like bug zappers. The amazing prices suck you in, like a beautiful beacon of hope, but then you’re left with one of the worst experiences of your life (and a very poor business [...]

The Best Content Marketing Blogs to Stalk in 2017

Content marketing is not a static industry; it is always evolving. That’s why at Headline Consultants, we often delve into the words (and worlds) of other content marketing blogs.

Guest Blogging: Adjusting Word Count Without Making It Obvious

Hitting the sweet spot of a word count requirement can be downright maddening. If you’ve labored long on your piece and feel like you’ve finally gotten it just right, the last thing you want to [...]

5 Ways You’re Marketing Your Content WRONG

Marketing your content isn’t as simple as just publishing a blog post and calling it a day. That’s publishing your content. Marketing is a whole separate concept. Many people fall short on the [...]

How to EMPHASIZE Compelling Content

IT’S INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY! So, we’ve decided it’s only FITTING to provide you with some insight on how to make the most of a few font features in your online writing.

Writing Content the Right Way

The success of any product or service is based on strategy. Website content is no exception. As content writers, we have the power to approach our clients’ industries from unique angles otherwise [...]

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